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Internal Inspection

Operations in confined, unlit and hazardous spaces have long been a logistical headache for plant engineers, often requiring extensive planning to ensure requisite health and safety conformity, alongside the subsequent and associated cost implications for conventional human access.

Due to the necessary safety protocols and subsequent limited timescales of human entry, to inspect the confined space area, data capture prioritisation can lead to the potential overlooking of minor deficiencies, ultimately leading to failures in systems and the dreaded 'fix on fail'.

Our UAV internal systems are integrated with dual visual and thermal sensor systems, paired with super bright LED lighting to allows for the safe operation in confined, unlit spaces.

High definition visual data at 0.2mm per pixel allows detailed examination of structural fabric and componentry, whilst rapid deployment and manoeuvrability for tanks and other vessel structures 6m x 25m in as little as 30 minutes.

To prevent damage to the RPAS, a carbon fibre anti-collision encapsulation system is utilised, allowing for the RPAS to come into direct contact with surfaces to maximise data quality whilst ensuring no damage is sustained to either the asset or the RPAS.

With the high manoeuvrability of RPAS systems, inspection & surveys can be rapidly altered if unexpected features arise during live inspections.

Without the need and time to be spent on the development and installation of other engineering access solutions, operational durations are maximised and disruptions decreased, all the while limiting the exposure of human resources in hostile environments.

To ensure maximised operational duration & deployment, our internal UAV solution utilises a unique and customised ground based mini all-terrain track vehicle in areas of signal interference.

This mobile antenna deployment vehicle makes it possible to carry an extended antenna relay system into the base of large tanks and other vessels. This allows for uninterrupted communication between the RPAS operator and the UAV system, providing increased visual facilitation in areas previously considered unreachable.

The mobile deployment system is combined with a visual, infrared and image intensifier camera (NVI) to allow monitoring of the UAV whilst deployed.

In summary, our internal inspection RPAS allows engineers to deliver asset inspection and subsequent structural report generation efficiently, accurately and more importantly with increased SAFETY.

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