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November 16, 2017

Investment in Next Generation UAV Tech

albris SenseFly – Putting the future to work

Texo Drone Survey and Inspection Limited (Texo DSI) has announced the procurement of the albris SenseFly intelligent mapping and inspection RSPAS system.

The albris SenseFly represents next generation technology for commercial UAVs. Its triple view imaging and advanced situational awareness capabilities provide outstanding operational and safety benefits for the operator and the client.

The operator can switch between capturing video, still and thermal imagery during the same flight, without landing to change cameras. The field of view remains unobstructed throughout the 180º vertical range of motion allowing the capture of clear and stabilised imagery ahead, above and below the drone.

The albris features five dual-sensor modules, positioned around the drone. These provide the situational awareness required to operate the UAV close to structures and surfaces, to achieve sub-millimetre image resolutions (without the movement issues sometimes caused by zooming from afar, and even in confined environments).

It also offers full flight mode flexibility, including: autonomous, GPS-guided mapping mission or a live-streaming Interactive ScreenFly flight. As well as an option to start in mapping mode and ‘go live’ on demand.

The system also boasts a number of advanced photogrammetric survey features including the ability to create high-resolution 2D and 3D maps, as well as complementing fixed-wing drone data by mapping a site’s highly inclined and vertical surfaces. It also captures high-resolution aerial imagery and transforms this into full 3D models of buildings and small/medium-sized infrastructure.

All of this means that clients benefit from a highly intuitive and capable RPAS system that is ideal for sensitive or dangerous sites. This coupled with its TripleView functionality means less time onsite which most clients operating mission critical sites would see as a major advantage over other commercial drone companies with lesser technology.

Richard Welton, Principal GIS Officer, Texo DSI commented: “We have added the albris SenseFly to our extensive fleet of commercial UAVs to bolster the survey work carried out by our geomatics ground crews.The albris was chosen not only for its triple view head 38MP, thermal and video camera and additional 4 Nav cameras but for its object and range detection capabilities. Keeping a frontal distance lock of a minimum 3m from the asset being inspected allows for detailed post processed inspection reports with sampling of less than 1mm per pixel at this distance.”

This procurement announcement is part of an ongoing investment in world-leading UAV technology and equipment by Texo DSI.

Texo DSI is the owner operators of the world’s most advanced fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles for industrial survey and inspection. Since its inception, the precision data acquisition specialist has developed a sector-leading suite of UAV deployed survey and inspection services; bringing to market a number of world-first technologies.

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